Ethics Management

Ethics Management Activities?

A form of applied ethics or professional ethics that examines ethics principles and moral or ethics problems that arise in a business environment. It applies to all aspects of business conduct and is relevant to the conduct of individuals and entire organizations.

Management Objects

Fair Trade / Subcontract Unfair trade, Unfair common action, Unfair subcontract
Intellectual Property /Trade Secret Protection of intellectual property rights, Unauthorized use of competitor’s intellectual property right
Business secret leakage prevention, Personal information protection
Financial accounting Transparent management (Official notice system, Inside transaction)
Commercial law
Safety Environment Safety control regulations
Human Resources / Organization Culture Labor Standards Law
Sexual harassment law, Clean culture
Corruption Prevention Bribe, Corruption prevention

Employee Behavior Regulation

  • 1. Comply with legal and Company regulations.
    • 1.1 Comply with the corporate management laws and Company regulations, and create a sound
            organizational culture through the continuous implementation of ethical education.

    • ㆍAll employees should consider the possible legal issue prior to performing the duties and
           if determined to be yes, ask HR group for advice to ensure the legality.
      ㆍAll employees should not cover up or tolerate the violations of oneself or other employee.
           Such violations should be immediately reported and notified to HR group. Any issues
           reported by employee will be thoroughly kept as confidential and any disadvantages
           attributed to reporting should be strictly prohibited.
      ㆍAny legal violations are prohibited even if it was for “company”, “for customers”
           or “ordered by superior”.
      ㆍAll employees should not engage in behaviors, such behavior damages
           Company’s reputation or be morally criticized.
    • 1.2 All employees shall make their best efforts to take their responsibility as a faithful manager in order to protect Company’s properties and assets while performing the business duties.
    • ㆍAll employees should not take illegal possession of company’s properties or use them for private purposes. ㆍAll employees should not use company’s supplies for other than business uses.
    • 1.3 The political rights and intention of individual employee are respected but any political activities within the Company are strictly prohibited.
  • 2. Engage in fair, transparent and free competition in the domestic/global market, as well as legal and
         proper transaction.
    • 2.1 Comply with domestic/international Fair Trade Act based upon Free Competition principles.
    • ㆍAll employees should comply with all legal regulations regarding the prohibition
           monopoly and fair competition that are applied to country to local where the project
           is performing.
      ㆍAll employees should not engage in any unfair or illegal transactions such as exclusion of
           competitive company, unlawful discrimination (unfair treatment), transactions under
           restrictive conditions, disturbance of business activities, etc.
      ㆍAll employees should not engage in illegal collusion such as documents exchange,
           discussion, contract or joint work in terms of determining the pricing, costs, production,
           facility capability, transaction conditions, sales policy, etc. with the competitive company
           or other interested parties.
    • 2.2 Pursue win-win growth with vendors through sincere and fair transaction.
    • ㆍAll employees should determine and select the vendor upon the fair decision over the
           transaction conditions, such as price, quality, delivery, etc.
      ㆍAll employees should not engage in illegal transactions, including the coercion of unfair
           transactions using the superior position. All transactions should be made in according to
           related laws and contacts
  • 3. Comply with quality standards to prevent the occurrence of defects at the development and
         manufacturing process.
    • 3.1 All employees should comply with the safety standards according to the related laws and
           continuously perform a thorough quality management.
    • ㆍThe pursuit of safety is one of the most important tasks in the Company. We all should
           recognize that the safety is our responsibility.
      ㆍAll employees should make utmost efforts to cooperate with the vendors for research and
           development, design and production in order to ensure the safety at the various
      ㆍThe critical issues, such as defects of product, legal violation, outside report, etc. should be
           immediately notified to quality manager.
      ㆍIf defects found in product, the release and delivery of product must be stopped and
           notified to the related department. The related department immediately check and resolve
           the issues raised.
    • 3.2 All employees should promptly response to product-related accidents.
    • ㆍAny accidents must be immediately reported to executives to prevent the expansion of
           damages, identify the causes, setting up the countermeasures and perform the prevention
           activities for recurrence.
      ㆍObjective investigation and verification should be performed on an accident to identify
           the exact causes of an accident and report it to the executives.
      ㆍA resolution for accident should be established and responded to the accidents, including
           the legal issues based upon the objective facts, response to press media, compensation
           procedure, etc.
      ㆍPreventive and anti-recurrence plans should be established and carried out based upon
           the analysis of comprehensive results and the results should be reported to the executives.
  • 4. Protect the intellectual property rights of the Company and other 3rd parties, as well as business
         confidentiality and other information.
    • 4.1 All employees should recognize Company’s intellectual property right and business
           confidentiality as crucial property and protect them.
    • ㆍAll employees should protect the results (outcome) of research and development as the
           intellectual property right (patents, utility design, trademark, copyright, etc.)
           and utilize them in accordance with the related Company regulations.
      ㆍCompany’s confidential information should not be provided to unauthorized person or
           party without a reasonable reason to use it. Company’s confidential information
           also should not be used for the private profits and profits for 3rd party.
      ㆍAll employees should respect Company’s intellectual property right and sales
           confidentiality, and also maintain the confidentiality of information.
    • 4.2 All employees should respect the intellectual property right of the 3rd parties, business
           confidentiality and other private information. All employees should not intentionally violate
          them or its illegal uses.
    • ㆍAll employees should be aware that your violations of confidentiality, including the uses of
           intellectual property right of the 3rd parties or business confidentiality, and other private
           information without a prior consent may lead to criminal restrictions such as civil claims
          for damages, penalty, etc.
      ㆍIllegal software or unauthorized software should not be used within Company.
    • 4.3 All employees should properly use the information system and keep security every day.
    • ㆍAll employees should use Company’s information system for business purpose only but
           should not illegally use it for private purpose.
      ㆍAll employees should carefully manage the accounts or passwords not to expose them to
           other parties or person.
      ㆍAll employees should comply with the Company’s security regulations when using the
           internal network and prevent security accidents in the process of transfer of system,
          access of visitors, etc .
  • 5. Operate Company’s decision-making organization in accordance with the legal and Company
         regulations, and comply with the fair accounting and disclosure standards.
    • 5.1 General meeting of shareholders, board of directors and other committed should comply with
           the procedures stipulated by laws and articles of association in terms of gathering,
          determination, preparation of minutes, disclosure, etc.
    • 5.2 All employees should comply with the internationally accepted accounting standard as
           stipulated by law.
    • 5.3All employees should faithfully disclose the key matters of management such as financial
           changes and corporate information to provide shareholders and
           investors with the accurate and transparent information.
  • 6. Comply with environment and safety laws and Company regulations.
    • 6.1All employees should recognize the importance of environment and comply with the
           domestic/global environmental laws, thereby building an eco-friendly corporate and
           its worksite.
    • ㆍAll environmentally harmful substances and chemicals should be stored, handled and
          discarded in accordance with the related laws and internal regulations.
      ㆍAny harmful or toxic chemicals that are found to be stored unsafe or discarded in improper
           method should be immediately reported to safety environment manager.
    • 6.2 All employees should consider the environmental impacts on a sole standard when reviewing
           the project or new business.
    • ㆍAll employees should care and consider the environments at the research/development,
           planning, and design stages to minimize the impacts when developing the product
           and service.
    • 6.3 All employees should comply with the safety regulations to create a safe workplace.
    • ㆍAll employees have the responsibilities and obligations to protect safety and prevent risks
           for Company and any potential safety accident should be immediately reported
           and responded.
      ㆍAll employees should thoroughly comply with the safety regulations. ㆍAll employees should make an effort on the environmental conservation in their private
           life too.
  • 7. Do not discriminate people regarding the recruitment and employment. Do not violate a sound
         organizational culture.
    • 7.1 All employees should be provided with fair opportunity without discrimination. They should
           be treated fairly upon the capability and performance.
    • ㆍAll employees should not be unfairly treated in terms of their employment, promotion
           and evaluation according to the nationality, race, religion, age, physical disability,
           hometown, marriage status, etc.
      ㆍAny of cases hiring the underage than legally stipulated or forced labor strictly prohibited
           in the law should not be accepted.
    • 7.2 All employees should listen other’s opinions carefully and realize an organizational culture to
           create an innovative idea.
    • ㆍA smooth communication channel to prevent the conflicts within the company in advance. ㆍAccept employee’s creative thinking and voluntary behavior as Company’s intangible
           assets and provide them with the training and education opportunity for their self-development.
      ㆍCreate an energetic and bright office atmosphere for individual achievement through the
           works given to employees, and make an effort to resolve the difficulties of employees.
    • 7.3 All employees should comply with the safety regulations in order to create a safe workplace.
    • ㆍShould be entirely away from behaviors destructing the fellowship such as discrimination,
          unfriendly manner or sexual harassment, monetary trades, violations, etc.
      ㆍA clique that causes disharmony in the organization should not be formed or a private
           organization should not be formulated either.
  • 8. Do not pursue private profit through the Company. Do not engage in any unfair behavior with the other
         interested parties due to conflicting interests.
    • 8.1 All employees should not pursue private profits from Company.
    • ㆍAll employees should not engage in receiving or giving money in return of favors, goods
           or treatment in the relationship other 3rd parties such as vendors, governmental institutes
           or other businesses.
      ㆍAll employees should not use Company’s or other 3rd party’s confidential information
           obtained while performing the duty or transaction to buy securities. Also, such information
           should be used to provide profit or convenience to 3rd party.
    • 8.2 Do not engage in illegal behavior regarding the conflicting interests.
    • ㆍShould not engage in monetary transaction and bribe that can damage the fair
           transaction with the interested parties.
      ㆍMoney and valuable should not be provided or received except commonly accepted
           souvenir or gifts.
      ㆍTreatment or benefit exceeding the common level should not be provided or received
           even if unavoidable, all employees should not violate the regulation of other beneficiary.
      ㆍDo not notify other interested parties of your family occasions.