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Next generation substrate

What is Routable *MLF?

    Substrate for next generation package
  • Multi row(~4Row), High In/Out(~400pin), and Small form factor.
  • High thermal performance & reliability with competitive cost.

*MLF : Molded Lead Frame

Routable MLF

General design rule and process

unit : um

Item Dimension Note
1 Space (near bump pad) D 50±20 "J" is same design rule
2 Space (Pattern to pattern) E 40±20 "K" is same design rule
3 Top Pattern Cu thickness F 35±15 (Customer's option)
4 Substrate Thinkness H 125±15 Raw material : C194 6mil
5 Trace Width C1 Min 25 Pattern Trace
C2 Min 15 Plating Trace
6 Offset G Max 20 Mismatch (Top / Bottom)

Process flow and Product